Web Based Pneumatic Simulator

When I was an intern in a paints and coating factory, I have met pneumatics. The first pneumatic equipment that I touch was a 5 ports 2 position direction control valve. It seemed so obscure to me.  A technician tried to teach working princible of this valve but I did not understand. Finally he qave up the struggle and left me alone. I decided to make a research about pneuamatics. After 30 minutes of research. I discovered the fluidsim. As you know fluidsim is a circuit design and simulation program for pneumatics and hydraulics. This is the best in the market. It really imressed me and I decided to develop a web based pneumatic simulator like fluidsim. This is the result;

My simulator is avalible for only 5 pneumatic equipments. Because developing this kind of softwares took a lot of time for a single developer. It does not work according to the edited case scenarios. It has a simple logical mind. The users are free to design circuits what they want. The simulator will give proper result for any pattern. The equipments are avaliable in my simulator listed in below.

  • Pressure Source
  • 3 P/2P Normally Closed Direction Control Valve
  • And Valve(Dual Pressure Valve)
  • Or Valve (Shuttle Valve)
  • Single Acting Air Cylinder(Spring return)

Have a science day.